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The Coydog site has always been a place for me to put my writing about miscellaneous interests. I’m in the process of moving things from an old format over to this one (If you’re looking for something and don’t see it, let me know), but most of my most recent activities are now on the Adventures of Dave and Ann (ADVODNA) site. Check it out for details (way more than you want) of our 5 month honeymoon drive from San Francisco to Panama and our life on a small homestead in Northern California since returning. Otherwise, click a link below and browse around.


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World-Route_220 ADVODNA – Adventures of Dave and Ann
Honeymoon drive from San Francisco south through Mexico and Central America. Check it out at
IMG_4013[10] July 2009 - Colorado and the TAT
Three weeks on the bikes trying to cover as much dirt as possible between San Francisco and Colorado.
Carving the scroll 2 Mandolin #1: A Stew-Mac F-5 Kit
Read about my adventures and misadventures building my first mandolin.