Tuesday, June 4, 2002

Mandolin #1: Final Product

Well, it's finished. Before taking it out for show and tell, I brought it by Eric Schoenberg's shop in Tiburon, CA where Vic was nice enough to lower the action at the nut for me. I'm sure the action could be lower with some more precise fretwork, but as of now it's very playable and has a great chop and lots of volume.

At the time I'm writing this, Coydog #1 has been to all the local jams I attend in the SF Bay Area and to its first festival, the Strawberry Music Festival. Next week it will go to the California Bluegrass Association's music camp and the Father's Day Bluegrass Festival immediately after. The following week it will go to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

So far reviews on the sound have been good and people have been kind about the appearance. I've yet to get a real critique from a luthier but as far as most people can see, it's nice and shiny and as long as I keep it moving while I talk about some of my cosmetic blunders, they say "Oh, I never would have noticed that."

But I suppose I should let you be the judge.

Finished front Finished back 

 Finished Finished headstock Finished headstock 2

Angle pic 1 Angle pic 2

Don Grieser was nice enough to send me this picture of Chris Thile playing the Coydog on the porch of Baked in Telluride during the Telluride Bluegrass Festival this year. Chris and Mike Marshall happened by while Don and some friends and I were jamming and they wanted to take a look at Don's new Nugget. Mike was playing the Nugget and I seized the opportunity to throw the Coydog at Chris.

Thile playing the Coydog

They both said nice things about the mando but Chris didn't hesitate for a moment to hand it back to me when Mike was done with the Nugget. Mike actually said he'd recommend me as a luthier around the Bay Area if I gave him my info. I valued his reputation too much to oblige...

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Randy said...

Thanks so much for this. I admire your tenacity and humor. Not sure if I'm more or less inclined to order a Stew Mac kit now :-) maybe the style A kit! #1 looks great. Nice job!

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