Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Mandolin #1: Intro

About a year ago, I came across some pictures documenting the process of Lynn Dudenbostel building a mandolin for mandolin prodigy Chris Thile and was absolutely captivated. The combination of technical precision and artistic talent that was required to build a mandolin was amazing to me. Having been engrossed in a purely technical world (Internet development) for the past several years and longing for something a little more permanent and tangible, the concept of building a mandolin struck a chord (pun intended) with me. So what if I was just learning how to play one? So what if my woodworking experience was limited to people asking me "Would working this weekend be a possibility?"

Well, this little mini-site documents my experience from the steps I overthought to those, which it will be evident, were not thought through enough. I didn't take notes while building but tried to snap a picture of each new step. Thus, I do my best in the pages that follow to describe what's going on . Also, the pictures may have been reordered for better grouping so don't get critical if you notice a chronological inconsistency. Finally, after spending however many hours building this mandolin and several more making this Web site, I don't have the energy to really proofread it too closely so please forgive grammatical errors and terrible puns. Let me know if something just doesn't make sense and you'd like clarification or if you'd like more info on how I went about something. I don't think anyone would be able to build a mandolin just using this site, but it's my hope that this site will provide some do's and don'ts to beginning luthiers and a good chuckle to experienced ones...

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