Friday, February 13, 2004

Mandolin #2: Final Product

Okay, here she is. #2 in all her glory. I'm very happy with the sound (though there's always gonna be tweaking) and reasonably happy with the appearance. Have a look at the pictures...
Next time? Yeah, I would say there's a pretty good chance there will be a next time. Next time I think I will invest in a decent chisel/plane sharpening set up and some cabinet scrapers for woorking the top/back/scroll and levelling the binding without so much sanding. Also, I think a nice small airbrush/HVLP spray set up would be worth it given that I forsee not being able to quit this addiction any time soon.

Coydog in a Coydog headstock

As for kit vs. scratch, I'm pretty content with the amount of work/freedom in the Stew Mac kit. Seems like most of the prep I'm missing out on is pretty much just hogging out the arch in the top and back and cutting away wood from a block to expose a neck. Oh yeah, bending the sides. I admit it, I'm just plain scared of trying that...

Next project is a 5 string electric mandolin!


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