Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July 25th, 2006 - Innsbruck, Austria to Munich, Germany

Oddly enough, I didn’t write anything nor do I remember much about my ride from Innsbruck back to Munich. I know I made it back to Karl Maier BMW in Neufinsing, and I recall explaining to them that I was a couple days early and would contact Beach about the possibility of any refund on my rental time, but I couldn’t tell you how I got to the train station (I assume Poing) for the trip into Munich.

From 2006-07-13 Germany, Austria and Switzerland on a motorcycle

At that point, I think I was a little fried from the isolation of the helmet combined with the challenges (although much less than I anticipated) of day-to-day communication. All I really wanted was to easily hold a conversation with someone in English and eat something familiar. After returning to my usual Munich accommodations off the Marienplatz, I found the closest beer garden and settled into what passed for familiar for me at the time – a liter of cold, clean German beer and a bratwurst with french fries.

When I started catching English words from a group of younger people at the far end of my table, I perked up and engaged them in the effortless conversation I’d been craving. It turned out they were on a Munich “pub crawl” led by a spunky American guy in his late twenties. They had each paid 5 or 10 euros to be guided around to various watering holes where the proprietors would offer specials to the group. When the guide gave the call to motivate towards the next location, the attractive Aussie I’d been fixated on suggested I stowaway with them. I turned my baseball cap sideways to blend in with the coeds and fell into step.

Oh right. Now I’m starting to understand why I don’t remember the ride from Innsbruck. It may have had something to do with the round after round of various drink specials that were simply too much of a good deal to pass up and seemed at time integral to my cover as a 20 something. I do recall some sort of concoction with multiple straws (and presumably multiple liquors) although to be honest, I may only remember it because I had the presence of mind to have a picture taken while I enjoyed it with my 6 of my friendly female crawl mates. Speaking of presence of mind, after finding myself in the bar of one of the party hostels in who knows what part of town and learning that not only was my prospective second wife only eighteen but that she was the daughter of some sort of high ranking Australian former head of state, I decided to call it a night.

From 2006-07-13 Germany, Austria and Switzerland on a motorcycle


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