Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27th, 2009 - Sydney, Australia to San Francisco

After another delightfully proper breakfast in the English dining room of the Observatory Hotel, we walked down to the Rocks (we’re like totally locals there) and the girls became opal-obsessed for a few hours until we had to head to the airport. Creamy chicken soup, pesto pasta, a delightful black bean salad and a Victoria Bitter while IM’ing with friends on the free wireless was a decent way to spend an hour or so in the red carpet lounge in Sydney, I suppose.

From 2009-01-18 Australia and New Zealand

Cut ahead through 13 hours of watching Discovery Channel, The Office, movies, playing games on the inseat entertainment systems in our pods (I seriously looked over on Ann’s screen at one point and she was taking a German lesson) and getting an Ambien-facilitated 7 hours of sleep, and I was watching “full sidal” nudity on Entourage as we glided into San Francisco. To coach flying, I will never go back. To Australia and New Zealand? Definitely.


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