Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19th, 2009 - Pony Express Trail (well, sort of) and Hwy 50 to Eureka, NV

First time to a connection since leaving Tahoe on Sunday and wanted to update the report.

From Tahoe, we took 50 East to Silver Springs where we wanted to pick up some Pony Express Trail tracks we'd found online somewhere. Before we could even get the tires dirty, the F800GS started stalling as it's been doing in the heat. Not to be shut down this early in our trip (and possibly in the running for the Darwin Awards), we found the track and pressed on.

Between my terrible sand technique and the big bike, I soon had my first about about 20 slow speed drops (though at least a few were caused by the bike stalling out on me). We found some shade beside a fence and cooled the bike off for a while and were able to limp to Fallon. Done with the sand and the fear of being vulture vittles after a breakdown, we hopped on 50 and beelined it through some dramatic thunder storms to Eureka to connect with the TAT heading east.

Emerging from the darkness at 10 pm into a bar in Eureka clad in stormtrooper gear generates some interesting responses. At the Owl Club, it was "How ya doin', tough guy?" followed by the news that no place in town was still serving dinner. At the Jackson House Hotel Saloon/Cafe, however, it was "Hey you, I need to talk to you" coming from Frank of Two 950's the TAT and for cause. Well, we soon decided that dinner was gonna come in 12 oz bottles from Becky behind the bar and Frank proceeded to educate us on issues from riding in the sand ("GET YOUR &^*% @SS OF THE SEAT AND GET ON THE PEGS!") to the effects of the new administration on the small business owner to the do's and dont's of convincing suckers you're married to a 80's sitcom star. Frank's a very smart guy with no shortage of opinions (or Las Vegas-themed jokes) who's brilliantly put together a great TAT ride for charity. Despite forcing Becky to stay open until 3 and endlessly feed the jukebox (sorry Frank, I don't think I need to hear "Chicken Fry" again anytime soon), we had a great time and quite a good first night. Too bad we couldn't meet Elton. I think we owe him an apology...


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