Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31st, 2009 - Manti-LaSal into Moab (and Onion Creek)

As Dave said, the views from the Manti-La Sal Forest more than made up for the long day and some of the loosest and rockiest riding. It may have been my confidence slipping or considering myself lucky that thus far I had only slightly bruised my passenger in the "3 foot deep if it was a foot" mud bog incident, but a few sections in the Manti-La Sal were the only places so far that I suggested Ann get off the bike and let me tackle them solo.

Here's some video of the mud leading up to our somewhat dramatic dump.

And the views that rewarded us for our efforts...

The next morning, we bumped and revved the bikes back up to the main road only to find that the random offshoot we'd followed the night before while looking for a camp site was in fact the TAT track. We'd pretty much camped right in the middle of it!

We wound down towards Moab on a combination of dirt and narrow pavement, passing such landmarks as the rubber-marked Slickrock area.

Once in Moab, we surveyed the options on mainstreet and settled on the Slickrock Campground at the north end of town (not in the Slickrock area). We were planning to wake up early the next day and do the White Rim Trail and weren't really sure where would be best to camp. In the end, the friendliness of the woman behind the counter, her stories about dirt biking all around the area, and her offer to loan us the Wells Moab 4wd trails book (plus the swimming pool and wireless!), convinced us to stay.

After getting settled, we grabbed the Wells book and headed up the Colorado River on 128 looking for a swimming hole. After a dip a Big Bend, the Onion Creek Trail caught our eye in the book and we went to explore. For some reason, it didn't stick in my head when the book said "if you have kids, a fun thing to do is have them try to count the water crossings on the trail." But within minutes of the turnoff, we were laughing hysterically and barreling through increasingly deep water around every corner. I would HIGHLY recommend it if you have an extra day in Moab and want to cool off. Video is the only way to show it...


Trying to keep up with Dave on the way back (remember I'm 2up and Ann's asking over the Scala "Are we going a little faster now?" to which I'm responding "It just seems faster 'cause we're behind Dave.")...

Back to the campground to clean up, dump videos and pictures etc and margaritas started sounding pretty good. We went to an early dinner ("Baja Restaurant?") and came back for a good night's sleep before the White Rim Trail at the crack of dawn.


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