Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28th, 2009 - Buena Vista to Lake City

One thing that Dave didn't mention but you might have figured out from the pics is that we added a member to the group. As planned, Ann joined us in Lyons and she and I will ride 2-up on the TAT through Moab. Ann's up for anything and very comfortable on the back of the bike. We've been working on developing a 2-up dirt riding technique that will get us (on the big bike!) over the Colorado passes (more on that below).

From Buena Vista, a 30 minute road ride got us to Salida and our first westbound TAT trail heading towards the Marshall Pass big bike bypass. On Marshall, Ann and I experimented with have us both standing with her grabbing my hips. Going uphill, I had to lean a little bit farther forward than I normally would for her to get enough forward pressure on the rear pegs to keep herself from falling backwards.

The rest of the way to Lake City, was more fast gravel and dirt roads through Birch forests and across ranch land.

Sidenote: It seems that KTM Dave is deathly afraid of cows.

Found a nice lunch spot.

We got in around 2 and found our way to the Elkhorn RV Park a couple blocks off the main street.

After a quick rest and some weather watching, we figured we'd unload the bikes and tag Engineer Pass. Despite the booms we'd heard from the valley while napping, we only got a couple sprinkles the whole way up. There were a couple rocky sections and some steep switchbacks but our 2-up standing system and the ample power of the F800GS plowed through them relatively easily. It definitely helped having the Scalas so I could warn her about a section coming up and suggest we stand.

We retraced our route back down to Lake City knowing that we would do the Cinnamon Pass leg of the Alpine Loop on the TAT the next morning. We headed straight for Poker Alice for pizza and a beer.


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