Monday, August 10, 2009

These are broken...

So the next morning, we got back in the UHaul to make our deliveries around town. First stop was the KTM dealer where we parked in the back alley, rolled up the door and wrestled the crushed orange down the ramp.

In the lead up to the trip, both of our service departments had worked on the bikes doing last minute updates (and in my case failing to diagnose my fuel pump issue) so they knew exactly what we were planning to do with them. Still, the look on their faces as the bikes rolled into their bays was priceless. Six months ago, two n00bs had walked through their front doors looking for adventure bikes and now those bikes were coming through the back door pretty well thrashed. Sand and bits of sage brush from Nevada, thick mud and rock dings from Colorado, and red dirt from Utah had created quite a respectable patina.

Next was the BMW dealer. Oddly enough, my service writer had called while we were in the UHaul limping home across Nevada. "Hey there, funny, you should call now," I said. "Guess where I am? Well, I'm in a UHaul with my brand new bike in the back. No, not because of the stalling issue you guys couldn't figure out in the three weeks leading up to the trip - we resolved that out on the trip when, after a day in Salt Lake and three in Denver, we realized that you had never installed the fuel pump I'd asked you to install because it was backordered but didn't tell me. This time, it's because the clutch went out with less than 4,000 miles on the bike. Anyway, I'll be stopping by on Thursday with the bike and a new set of clutch plates. It'll need springs as well. See ya then."

That was three weeks ago... We're both still waiting for our bikes.


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