Sunday, July 19, 2009

Heading for RockyGrass and CO on the motorcycles

Heading out in a few minutes with Dave (Rubberneck on ADV) on a KTM 990 and me on an F800GS east towards Lyons, CO for the RockyGrass Festival.

We'll try to keep this thread up to date on where we are but the most current info will be found at where we've got our SPOT map, short message posts and mobile uploads (yes, for our Moms). Oh yeah, and we're carrying enough tech gear to open a Best Buy so we'll post a full multimedia report when we get back.

Heading out from Tahoe
We've been in Tahoe for the past couple days but today will pick up the Pony Express Trail around Fallon and take it to connect with the TAT. We're thinking we'll follow it east (maps in the GPS) to around Salina where we'll catch 89 North (or your better suggestion) to 40 East to be in Lyons Thursday afternoon.

After the festival, my girlfriend hops on the back of the F800GS and we take a crack at the TAT passes heading West from Salida to Moab 2-up over the next week. The final week, Rubberneck and I will continue West on the TAT as far as we can go before bailing to the slab to get home in time for a friend's wedding. Yes, technically, we're both groomsmen, but I think goggle-tan is a good look.

Hope to see some of you FF's out on the road. We'll be looking for the ADV salute.

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