Miscellaneous Stories and Stuff

Some random videos I’ve made that I think are cool…

San Francisco Bluegrass & Old-Time Festival Revue Timelapse
I took 2 1/2 hours of HD video from the Revue show I put together and ran it through a program called ffmpeg to extract 1 frame from every 30. I then compiled those frames into a video and had ffmpeg take every 5th frame from that video. I batch processed those frames in Photoshop to oversaturate and create the effect of a tilt-shift lense and then recompiled them into the final video.

When it was done, it seemed to deserve its own soundtrack so I recorded a little modal melody I wrote on my octave mandolin (converted from a Harmony Tenor Guitar), added some bass and voila.

Changing All Four Tires
A similar timelapse technique to the one above but instead of compiling the video from the extracted frames and then extracting more (thus losing quality), I wrote a script that goes through the frames extracted the first time and culls them down to the number I want.

Gorilla Backing Up the Stairs
I don’t care who you are. This is just funny. Our dog, Gorilla, loses confidence when she gets to the top few stairs in our house. For some reason, approaching them backwards is less daunting. She does this about half the time at this point.

Alix’s Ode to a dog named Gorilla
Ashamed to say we spent most of the night before this writing the song. This was the public performance although it was clear that our campground neighbors had heard it enough.

My song on the Today Show
This was a weird one. Ann got in the shower first one morning so I turned on the TV. The Today Show was on and Ann Curry was pitching to the next segment. Next thing I know, I hear one of MY songs playing in the background! Well, since then, I’ve been in contact with the guy who put the segment together as well as BMI and no one really thinks it’s a big deal. Oh well, maybe no royalties but at least I know I’m famous!

Video of my mom learning to ride a bike
Sorry mom…

Jackson gets her wheels
My 16 year old husky taking a set of wheels out for her first time.