Motorcycle Trips and Stories

IMG_4013July 2009 - Colorado and the TAT
No sense in starting out small. Dave and I chose a 3000 mile ride including sections of the Trans America Trail for our first big motorcycle adventure. Three weeks on as much dirt as possible including 13,000+ ft passes in Colorado and the White Rim Trail, a lot with Ann on the back of my F800GS.
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IMG_3184 May 2009 – Ave of the Giants Dualsport Ride (and a 10K!)
Run a 10K in the redwoods of Northern California? Sure, but we’re gonna make it a shakedown ride to test 2 up capabilities and camping set up on the new F800GS before the Colorado/TAT ride this Summer. Didn’t have the best weather but adventure and good times a plenty.
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IMG_1035 July 2006 – Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Faced with changing circumstances in my life and a new found obsession with motorcycles, I bought “Motorcycling the Alps,” fired up Expedia and before I knew it was on a bike tour that many only dream of.
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imageSeptember 2005 – Learning to Ride a Motorcycle 
Motorcycles are scary and good way to get yourself killed. At least that’s what they’d always told me. But I wanted to learn to ride one so I signed up for a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. It pretty much confirmed what they’d been telling me.
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A few YouTube hits from my Motorcycle playlist

Compilation of my best crashes on sand (watch through to the end to see how I got the scar on my arm)

Ann and I getting the F800GS dirty in the San Juan Forest

About 20 crossings of Onion Creek on a hot day near Moab. 2 up on the F800GS

2 up up Hardscrabble Hill on the White Rim Trail near Moab on the F800GS

Up the Grimsel Pass on my rented F650GS

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